Morrells Multi Purpose Wood Filler 250ml-500g – Teak

Multipurpose wood filler, Water based wood filler for interior use on all types of wood.

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Morrells one part Filler is a high performance wood filler, provides a tough long-lasting repair on all wood substrates. Wood Fillers come in most commonly used shades including natural, white and black. These colours can be inter-mixed to produce more bespoke colours.
These fillers are water-based ideal for applying for hands-on small imperfections & pin holes and once dry it is ready for sanding. Formulated on a careful selection of quality raw materials, they have good adhesion and anchorage properties coupled with minimal shrinkage and absorption. They are quick drying with excellent sanding properties. For filling structural parts and for building substrates repairs, Morrells 2 parts filler is also available from our store.


  • Apply the one part wood filler directly on to the timber using a knife or scraper.
  • Apply the one part wood filler in slight excess to allow for shrinkage during drying.
  • Deep holes should not be filled with the one part wood filler in a single operation due to the risk of excessive shrinkage and crumbling of the dried filler.
  • Leave to dry overnight for thorough hardening.
  • Sand away excess dried filler with 180-240g water-lubricated sandpaper.
  • Surface is now prepared for normal finishing.

Drying: Overnight
Equipment cleaning: Hot water